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  • All hardware and labeling are recessed for their physical protection in structural wells. Wells give added stacking and distortion resistance, also flex under drop loads to reduce shock input - a decided advantage over stiff containers.
  • Double wall construction at parting line gives maximum strength for mounting hardware and captivates cushioning system.
  • Container is either free-breathing per ATA Spec 300, Category 1, with open end gasket or airtight with closed-end gasket.
  • Meets Mil Standard 810E.
  • Molded-in male and female positive lock stacking ribs.
  • Closure is with "over center" spring loaded catch with provision for security wire.
  • Strapping indents molded in for 1/2" wide steel or plastic extra closure.
  • Handling-full hand grip, spring-loading handle.
  • Hardware attached with stainless steel rivets to unique "molded-in" steel insert.
  • Lid retainer is galvanized steel aircraft cable.


  • Dent Resistance: Resilient Polyethylene defies permanent dents, even under severe accidental impacts.
  • Fungus Resistance: There are no nutrient materials in the container construction to support fungus life.
  • Water Resistance: (Rainfall) Complies with the water resistance spray method ASTM D951 allowing no water penetration at any altitude.
  • Temperature Resistance: Container material suitable for withstanding exposure to elements and storage in a range of -40 F to +140 F.
  • Impact and Vibration Resistance: Container fully loaded can withstand 160 free fall impacts minimum per ASTM D775 (corners, edges and flat faces) and 2 hours of vibration per ASTM D999 procedure B, without evidence of deterioration from cracking or denting and will maintain waterproof, airtight seal.

Low Maintenance

  • Solvent Resistance: Unaffected by common industrial solvents, skydrol, jet fuels, etc.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Scratches and scrapes go almost unnoticed with coloring solid throughout wall thickness.
  • Cleanability: Easy to clean with solvents or mild detergent solution for a like-new look, even after many trips.
  • Corrosion Resistance: All-plastic construction means no rust or paint to blister or peel. Hardware is cadmium plated for maximum weatherability. Note: Recessing of hardware in wells minimizes danger of abrasion.

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